What is Love?

Love is a relative term. The definition of it is different for each of us. For some, it is the longing for a companion. For others, love is the intellectual connection between two minds. Some measure it in the number of I love yous or roses or butterflies in their stomach. Some measure it in the amount of hours they spend talking to each other, while there are also quite a few for whom love is just another word for lust. There are people who associate love with spirituality, the love for god, nature and all creation; people who’s definition of love is that of peace and also many who believe love doesn’t exist at all.

It’s no surprise most of us, if we look at our pasts have gone through relationships in which we thought we were hopelessly in love and now realize that there was actually nothing special at all. That’s because we have romanticized the idea of being in love to the extent where anyone or anything out of the ordinary feels like we’re in love but that’s always temporary. We just haven’t found our true definition of it. Love is everlasting. Once you truly find it, it becomes a part of your consciousness forever. It’s something which cannot be confined within the boundaries of matter, time and emotions. Love is something without which a human being is incomplete. It is the sole purpose of our existence to individually pursue and look for our very own definition of love and complete ourselves. You’ll find it in places you never even imagined looking.

Love is like a beautifully wrapped present, the idea of it attracts all of us but we don’t quite know what is inside until we actually open it.



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